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Apr, 2017

Our Philosophy

Looking ahead the CYBA really wants to adapt the game to the children's physical abilities (or physical inabilities, as the case may be), I strongly recommend that it follow these recommendations.  The keys to a succesfull youth basketball program are age-appropriate rim height, and ball size.  

In setting the height of the rim, the primarily consideration is teaching kids proper shooting form. A key question, depending on age, is can a child actually get the ball up near the rim with something resembling proper shooting mechanics? Unfortunately, younger children who may are capable of better shooting form oftentimes just do not have the strength to get the ball up to a rim that is too high for them. As a result, in order to attempt to make a basket, they resort to essentially heaving the ball, as that's the only way they can possibly reach a rim that's simply too high.

Dribbling and a child's general "handle" of the basketball is the most important skill a young basketball player can master. While a larger basketball might be easier to dribble—giving a child more surface area to contact—a smaller ball teaches greater control. Also, a smaller, lighter basketball is easier for a child to shoot and pass.

Like rim height, it's recommended that basketball sizes gradually increase as a child gets older.

k = 7ft Rim and size 4 ball
1st grade/2nd Grade = 8ft rim with size 5 ball
3rd Grade = 9ft Rim with size 5 ball

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